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Enhancement & Correction

Removing paint defects, restoring unimaginable gloss, and getting the vehicle at its optimum level for coating.
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CDC Difference

At CDC, we understand that paint enhancement, correction and transformation takes a considerable amount of time. There is no cutting corners, and no compromise in order to achieve the right results.

We also understand that every project is different, and in some cases less or more stages are necessary to deliver results. This is why we have constructed 3 tailored services that allows us to to produce incredible results, and target exactly what is needed.

We don’t perform “stages”. We make sure that we deliver our service. No matter if we are striving for 80% defect removal, or 90% – we will perform as many enhancement or correction stages that is necessary to complete the job.


Paint Enhancement

From $400 – 6 to 8 hours. 

Our paint enhancement service is for cars that are new, or have minimal paint defects visible.

This process is designed at ensuring the vehicle is at its aesthetic pinnacle. It is not aimed at removing defects, rather chasing incredible amounts of gloss and clarity in the paintwork and cleansing the paint

Our paint enhancement service will ensure the car is presented at beyond a new level, and will give new meaning to a “showroom finish”.


Minor Paint Correction

From $1000 – (Minimum 2 days)

Our minor paint correction service is targeted at new or used cars that have light to moderate paint defects visible.

Our multi-stage paint correction process will yield a minimum of 80% defect removal on paintwork.

Leveling these paint defects will uncover an enourmous amount of gloss & clarity in the paintwork, and allow the coating to perform at its optimum levels.

Paint Transformation

From $2100  –  (Minimum 3 days)

This service is aimed at completely transforming any used or new vehicle to produce a finish that has to be seen to be believed.

There is absolutely no compromise in this service. We will perform as many corrective and polishing stages that is necessary to remove all paint defects, and extract as much gloss that is physically possible from the paintwork.

If you want to truly meet your vehicles potential, then this is the service for you.