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Nova Coatings

Our signature spray and glass coatings completely transform the vehicle, greatly enhancing the aesthetics, and protecting for years to come.

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Nova Difference

A lot of people associate “paint protection” with ceramic coatings, but our coatings encompass so much more. 

Our Nova Coatings are engineered in some of the most diverse climates on earth, which give them incredible protection – both on a physical and chemical level. But they are also create a complete aesthetic enhancement, transforming the car into literally a moving mirror with a ridiculous amount of gloss.

Nova Coatings also make maintenance effortless, allowing dirt/grime to be removed from the vehicle with ease, enhancing your lifestyle – giving you more time to enjoy your vehicle in all its beauty.


Nova SC

Our signature spray coatings will make your car glow and bead water like crazy. They will also protect the paintwork for up to 12 months!

Our spray coatings are complimentary with all our exterior services, and are a great way to ensure our nova coatings are working even beyond their capabilities. 

Nova Evo

From $250 – 2+ Years Durability

Nova EVO is a professional grade coating that consists of both silica and diamond power to form the ultimate hybrid coating.

The revolutionary coating boasts extreme levels of elemental protection & chemical resistance. 

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EVO also creates a fantastic reflective layer that visually transforms the paintwork. Shades of grey become darker, colours become more vibrant and metallic & pearls are enhanced.

EVO also helps make your vehicle much easier to clean. The coating makes surface contamination struggle to adhere, allowing the vehicle to stay much cleaner for longer.

Nova Pro

From $550  –  3 Years+ Durability.

NOVA PRO is a next generation ceramic coating that is nothing like anything we have seen. 

PRO began development by perfecting all elements of the previous NOVA coatings. From there, PRO pushed the existing boundaries, unlocking a new pinnacle.

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When Nova Pro is professionally applied to a vehicle, it is completely transformed. Aesthetically, the car will enter a new realm of gloss, unlocking levels that were once thought un-achievable. 

The ceramic coating will harden to glass and repel water, dirt, grime and contaminants from adhering to the surface. This will drastically reduce the time it takes to maintain your vehicle, whilst ultimately keeping the car cleaner for longer

If you are serious about protecting your vehicle, and entering a new level of aesthetics and protection, then NOVA PRO is for you.