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Interior Detailing

Cleansing, nourishing and protecting all interior surfaces including

leather, fabrics and other sensitive surfaces. 

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CDC Difference

We have a solution for every surface, even your interior. Whether you are looking to protect your leather seats from harsh UV rays, or completely transform your dull, worn interior. We can help. We are equipped with all the latest cleaning machinery and up to date with the modern and classical interior differences. We have a huge range of protective and maintenance solutions to help you keep your interior in its best state. 

CDC Interior Clean 

From $120

Our interior clean service ensures the interior of your car is immaculate.

All surfaces including glass, plastics, fabrics, leather and other sensitive areas will be cleaned thoroughly & vacuumed. 

CDC Interior Renew

From $480

Our interior revive service is quite extensive, and involves the cleansing, rejuvenation and dressing of all interior surfaces.

Carpets and fabric seats will be undergo an extraction process with specialised shampoo. The leather will be cleansed, and nourished, and any stains/marks will be removed.

The entire interior will also be steam cleaned and sanitised to ensure the most thorough interior cleansing possible. 

CDC Interior Protect 

From $200

Our interior protection service involves the protection of all fabric, leather, plastic and vinyl surfaces. 

For used vehicles, the revive surface is essential to be completed prior to protection. This process ensures all interior surfaces are protected from stains, dye transfer, and deteriorating from the elements.

Interior surfaces will be easier to clean, and remain unchanged even if exposed to harsh spills, or some physical wear.