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Detailing Services

We have an array of detailing services that will suit your car,

and what you want to acheive! 


Exterior Packages

Packages designed to ensure the exterior of your car is meticulously prepared to ensure the best possible results.

Maintenance packages are also available. 


Interior Detailing

A variety of services allowing for the complete purification of your interior. 

Interior protection packages are also available to ensure your interior stays flawless all year round.



We’ve got packages to suit every customer. 




Paint Correction & Enhancement

Unlock the true potential of your vehicle through paint enhancement & corrective services.

Remove all paint defects, and get your paintwork looking better than new! 


Nova Protective Coatings

Specialised ceramic coatings that completely transform the surface of the vehicle.

Get unbeatable protection, immense gloss and effortless maintenance with our protective services.

Our Process

Witness an array of services through the transformation of this beautiful Alfa Brera.